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M.B.B.S, DNB Dermatology. F.A.M (Gold Medallist)

Dr. Nikita Agarwal, an M.B.B.S and DNB Dermatology Gold Medallist, is a distinguished dermatologist at Skinaa Clinic. Her expertise is further enhanced by her specialization in Aesthetic Medicine (F.A.M), making her a highly skilled professional in her field.

Under Dr. Nikita Agarwal's care, I experienced a remarkable transformation in my skin health. Truly, she changes lives, one patient at a time.

Dr. Nikita Agarwal, a distinguished dermatologist at Skinaa Clinic, is celebrated for her exceptional skills and dedication to the field of dermatology. Her academic journey, marked by remarkable achievements, includes completing her M.B.B.S and securing a gold medal in DNB Dermatology. This achievement not only reflects her academic prowess but also her deep commitment to understanding and mastering the complexities of skin care. Further enhancing her expertise, Dr. Nikita specialized in Aesthetic Medicine (F.A.M), an area that requires a fine blend of technical skill and artistic vision to achieve the best outcomes for patients seeking cosmetic treatments.

Her role at Skinaa Clinic involves a multifaceted approach to patient care, encompassing everything from routine dermatological issues to more complex cosmetic procedures. Dr. Nikita’s approach to patient care is holistic, considering not just the physical symptoms but also the psychological wellbeing of her patients. Her ability to blend scientific knowledge with empathetic patient care makes her a standout in her profession.